Outdoor Shutters

In addition to indoor shutters, we supply and install a full range of External Aluminium shutters. These are a durable and stylish product that work well in high-traffic, wet and outdoor areas.

If your house is located in a high-wind area, then we can also offer you our range of Cyclone Rated shutters for your peace of mind.

Shutter Applications

Our shutters are designed to achieve the most out of your windows through their various applications, or the various ways that they can be operated.


Hinged shutters are one of the most popular applications, as they provide a simple and easy way to use the shutters and the windows or doorways that they are installed o.


Sliding shutters are an ideal option when you want to furnish a sliding door, alfresco or balcony area.


Multi-fold shutters are the most flexible of applications, as they can be completely folded and retracted to offer a seamless, unobstructed view.


Fixed shutters are a great option for screening and privacy, and the fixed panel feature can offer either fixed louvres or fully operational louvres.