Shutters are both beautiful and practical, and our shutters are available in a great range of materials to suit both indoor and outdoor areas.

Shutters are sought after, not only for their visual appeal, but also for their functionality. Complementing both traditional and contemporary interiors, shutters are excellent for solving insulation and privacy issues, and are a great way to add style and value to your home.

Our range of shutters includes painted timber, stained timber, powder coated aluminium, hybrid and poly shutters - all of which are designed for Australian living.

Our timber painted shutters are made from 100% premium Poplar. They offer a flawless finish and come in a range of standard or Dulux matched colours.

Our timber stained shutters are made from 100% premium Basswood. They feature an even grain, which enhances the colouring process for both the lighter and darker stains - a perfect way to achieve a very personalised look, which can be customised to suit any space.

Our poly shutter range features a top-coated 2 pack finish and aluminium insert reinforcements. This is a beautiful range that retains the timeless look and feel of shutters, and is ideal for any window, door or wet area.

For those who are wanting the most durable option, our aluminium shutter range is the way to go. This product is available in all application options, offers the widest single panel expanse of any interior shutter, and can also come with the addition of flyscreens.

Shutter Applications

Our shutters are designed to achieve the most out of your windows through their various applications, or the various ways that they can be operated.


Hinged shutters are one of the most popular applications, as they provide a simple and easy way to use the shutters and the windows or doorways that they are installed on.


Sliding shutters are an ideal option when you want to furnish a sliding door, alfresco or balcony area.


Multi-fold shutters are the most flexible of applications, as they can be completely folded and retracted to offer a seamless, unobstructed view.


Fixed shutters are a great option for screening and privacy, and the fixed panel feature can offer either fixed louvres or fully operational louvres.