Curtains have a unique way of bringing a sense of elegance, luxury and functionality into any space… but only if they are done right!

Curtains should be made to fit perfectly and function with the greatest of ease. An improper fit not only causes unsightly gaps, light entering the space when it isn’t wanted, and issues with privacy, but they can also be frustrating to use, and cause a space to look cheaply put together.

We can design curtains to suit all styles, including classic, contemporary, or anything in-between. We can achieve a blockout effect, a reduction in glare, privacy and insulation - all while being smooth and easy to operate, and dressing your space with sophistication.

During your consultation, we will help you with your choice of fabrics, headings (such as S fold, inverted, pinch or knife pleats, for example), tracks, decorator rods and accessories - all of which contribute to the way the curtain hangs and its finished look. For those who prefer a more decorative style, we can also help you with pelmets, swags and tails.

Sourced from a mix of worldwide suppliers, our generous range of fabrics includes sheers, semi-room darkening and blockout. We carry plain, patterned and textured fabrics in linens, silks, cottons and so much more.

We’d love to offer you an in-home (or even in-office!) consultation so your space can be measured, and a quote can be provided to suit your exact specifications.

Pelmets & Motorisation

Information on Pelmets and Motorisation is available on the Accessories page.