The right blind can offer you more than just a sophisticated space - it can also offer the exact level of light that you desire, along with security and privacy!

Choose from an extensive range of rollers, Venetians, panel glides and Romans in a large selection of textures and fabrics including sheers, blockouts, translucents, jacquards and sun screens...

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds offer a contemporary, streamlined look to any space. They are a very versatile window furnishing, as they can be made from either a blockout, translucent or sheer fabric.

A good quality roller blind is simple to use, as it will have a smooth manual chain control, but you can always opt for an even more sophisticated motorisation control also.

Having a total blockout effect is a very popular choice, particularly in bedrooms, and this can be achieved by adding cassettes and side channels (no more baby waking up with the sun!).

If privacy is important to you, we can explore our large range of dual roller blinds. These blinds use a sheer fabric for daytime privacy, and a blockout fabric for nighttime privacy, both of which are available in the manual chain and motorised control options also.

A modern alternative to the traditional roller blind is the Sheer Vision blind, which provides the ideal balance of privacy and light control all within one single blind. The Sheer Vision fabric range includes metallics, neutral tones and natural wood weave effects.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a smart and cost effective window furnishing solution, offering plenty of options in functionality, such as full or semi-privacy, filtered light, and even the option to completely raise the blind off the window.

With a choice of wood-look, timber or aluminium, Venetian blinds can also complement a number of different styles. Our wood-look Venetian blind is a great low maintenance alternative to timber, with it’s UV lacquered semi-gloss finish, making them fade and scratch resistant. They also come with a 5 year guarantee against peeling, flaking and blistering, making them a perfect product for wet areas.

Panel Glides

Panel glides are a smart alternative to the horizontal style blind, as unlike roller blinds, they allow you to have a portion of your sliding door open for air flow.

With their smooth, effortless operating system, panel glides are perfect for sliding doors, bi-fold doors, or even sliding windows. Available in a large choice of fabrics, panel glides can be matched to your roller blinds and Roman blinds. Panel glides also come in a number of different stacking options, making them a modern, versatile and elegant choice.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds offer a slightly more ‘dressed’ look than the traditional roller blind, and can be made from a much larger range of fabrics, with the fabric selection for these blinds being almost the same as curtains. Because of this feature, Roman blinds can be made to match your curtains or roller blinds, or even trimmed with a contrasting band or braid to tie all of your look together.

Roman blinds can be made to create a stylish classic, contemporary or even country look within your space, and are generally installed above the window in order to create a clear and neat framed view.

These too are available in the manual chain or motorised control options

Pelmets & Motorisation

Information on Pelmets and Motorisation is available on the Accessories page.